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Secure printing puts the user back in control of the information they are accessing, ensuring that only those authorised to access and print sensitive documents are able to do so. What’s more, it is simple to set-up and implement.

Time and time again we are hearing of data leaks or hacks, and more companies are becoming increasingly concerned over data security and are taking steps to make significant improvements. Despite this, print security is still often overlooked.


of companies in the finance industry have experienced print related data leaks


of businesses don't have a secure print policy, leaving them vulnerable


of companies haven't completed a print security assessment

As part of our free print audit, we take the time to evaluate and assess your existing print infrastructure to identify any potential print and IP security risks. From here we can recommend a solution to overcome and alleviate the threat. Through software solutions such as Document Navigator, this can include user authentication and pin code release which ensures that documents aren’t printed until the user reaches the machine and is ready to collect their documents.

Additionally, we can suggest further security enhancements such as automatic removal of non-released documents and document storage, as well as disposal to further reduce the risk of information being retrieved by unauthorised persons or external hackers.

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