Independent Law Firm

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  • Sectors: Legal

  • Project Value: 26K

  • Project Date: June 2016

  • Services provided:

    Document Management

In June 2016, a Liverpool law firm needed a solution for digitalising incoming mail which included court and medical documents for claims. Documents all needed to be efficiently stored on a secure internal filing system.

We integrated a document capture software on three dedicated scanners. Daily post is now digitised and distributed electronically. Mail is opened, date stamped and sorted into piles for each team of solicitors. Individual mail items are separated using split sheets to ensure that each item – regardless of how many pages it contains – is saved as a unique TIFF, ensuring ease of use.

The software’s barcode services enable incoming mail to be separated during bulk scanning and distributed accordingly. The time cost of sorting and distributing post is significantly reduced and documents are stored and easily located when required.

Thanks to this digital mailroom solution, critical information is now delivered faster allowing queries to be resolved more efficiently. Automating scanning and classification of incoming mail has freed up time for the partners to focus on more valuable tasks, ultimately leading to increased capacity for billable client work.

We were able to:

  • Digitise incoming mail, from opening to distribution the full process is now seamless
  • Implement barcode recognition software which removes the need for manual intervention and reduces human error
  • Improve document storage and retrieval, reducing the time spent looking for documents
  • Free up time of admin staff, allowing them to provide support for billable work

“Receiving around 1,600 documents daily, we needed a solution to cut down on daily post administration time. Having discussed our situation with our Account Manager, they suggested we automate our mailroom delivery tasks into one single process, allowing for easy distribution, storage, search and entry into workflow.”

Director of Services


Woodbank Office Group continue to support our customer and their document management systems.