Reducing costs

Efficiency improvements at the core of what we do

At Datatech, improved efficiencies and cost reduction sit at the core of what we do. After all, these are the two factors which most impact and improve our customers bottom line and ultimately increase competitive advantage and market share.

Whether you have an existing managed print contract in place and are looking to switch, or a print solution is a new option you are beginning to explore, we are confident that we can recommend a package that will perfectly meet your requirements and significantly reduce costs.

On average, printing costs total 1-3% of annual revenue
We typically save our customers 30% on their print activity
90% of companies don’t know how much they spend on print** (Gartner Group)
On average an employee spends 20 minutes each working day looking for documents
17% of all printed sheets go unused
23% of IT helpdesk calls are printer related
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How can cost savings actually be made?

If a Manged Print Solution is a new addition to your business, there will be immediate savings to be made; from consumable parts such as inks and toners, to a reduction in print volumes – however, this is just the beginning.

We take the time to understand your processes and working behaviours. An effective managed print solution begins with analysis and report on existing operations, from here we can transform and control spend and improve efficiencies tailored to your business objectives.

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