Document Management Solution

Our document management solutions can transform and fully automate your entire workflow. From scanning, filing and archiving all paper-based documents, to intelligent text reading and identification, our solutions are implemented to meet your specific objectives and improve efficiency across your business.

Datatech’s Document Management will:

  • Capture paper-based information at the source, reducing the need for manual processes
  • Fully automate document workflows to support smarter, more responsive processes
  • Deliver, file and archive documents according to predefined rules
  • Take care of outbound communications to customers and suppliers
  • Intelligent document naming, barcode allocation and identification to support easy document retrieval
By capturing paper-based information from the source, this intuitive software processes the information and distributes as required. By fully automating document workflows, from delivering information to the correct department to archiving, all internal processes can happen effortlessly without the need for ongoing manual intervention.

Time is saved, enabling workers to instead, focus on more important matters. Processes become quicker and costs are reduced.

Benefits of Document Navigator:

  • Compatibility – Data can be captured from multiple sources with a range of plug-in programs
  • Electronic document storage – reducing the need for large filing cabinets
  • Search and retrieval – documents can be found and accessed quickly and easily
  • Rules – by determining rules at the beginning of a process, documents can be scanned and processed according to the workflow requirements
  • Security – secured access with restrictions and user authenticity
  • Barcodes – by adding a unique code to each document can be recognised and processed

Filestar can take information, regardless of format, from any of your devices without the need to add further software packages or user intervention – Scan, File and Save all of your company’s documents, emails and invoices with one touch of a button. This cloud-based solution helps businesses to work more efficiently, saving time and money. What’s more, you can have complete confidence that all of your data is safe and meets compliance requirements.

Benefits of Filestar:

  • Diverse compatibility – if your device can save within a Windows format, then it is compatible
  • Scan and Convert – paper scanned documents are automatically converted to a searchable PDF
  • Email – Any documents that you hold electronically can be emailed to Filestar
  • Mobile – Filestar works well with mobile phones and send files easily on the go
  • Intelligent naming and storage – no need to worry about naming, saving or finding a file
  • Customisable Index Fields – Capture document information which saves time when filing and searching
  • Access rules – control user access with privacy and restrictions
  • Microsoft Office compatible – With an add-on you can store all of your files

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