Print management solution

Our print management solutions will enable your business to track, record and analyse all printing output, ensuring that costs are controlled and all data is clear; honest and transparent.

Our solutions include a range of tools that will promote best practice across your full organisation, regardless of size which will support an ongoing commitment to reducing cost and minimising waste while maximising efficiency to improve your bottom line.

Datatech’s print management solutions will

  • Give full visibility of usage across the fleet of machines
  • Show who is printing what and when – breakdown by site, department or even user
  • Conduct cost reporting and analysis to ensure efficiencies are maximised
  • Provide control through rule settings, from mono to duplex printing; by department or individual
With PaperCut software you can cut waste, track printing and save your business money. This clever tool gives greater control and flexibility, by giving users the freedom to print anywhere across your printer and MFD fleet.

PaperCut works by intercepting and analysing print jobs as they pass into your print queue giving clear visibility of usage and costs. Information can be extracted and bespoke reports produced, security features added, and files stored or archived accordingly.

  • Track printing easily – know who is printing, preciously what they are printing, and when most prints are taking place
  • Greater control – From double sided printing, to limiting coloured prints to achieve savings
  • Reports – produce reports on all printing activity, filter by department, location or individual
  • User tools – Set reminders and pop up messages to help ensure that staff always print responsibly
  • BYOD – Working from a smartphone, tablet or a laptop needn’t be a problem, print from any device
  • Find-Me printing – access printed work easily with closest printer retrieval

Whatever the size of your business, or the market in which you operate, YSoft SafeQ is a scalable and modular print management solution designed to control costs, support improved efficiencies and provide additional security to your company’s documents.

  • Enhanced Security – Control access through user authentication, only release items for printing when user is at the printer
  • Greater Control – set printer rules for all documents, from duplex to default to mono, avoiding unnecessary costs
  • Managed workflows – remove the complexity from scanning and speed up processes by adding automated workflows
  • Usage reports – set predefined reports, or create your own according to requirements – see overviews of the full organisation, or break down and analyse by site, department and individual
  • Mobile Printing – print on the go, securely regardless of location
  • Credit and Billing – track costs and manage pay for print accounts automatically with minimal human intervention.

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